*We hold each others heart in our hands*

Hello friends of Words that Shine and welcome to this awesome week. How well do you treat your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances? The responsibility of your own behaviour in ALL Relationships starts with you and ends with you. ——————————————————————– We hold … Continue reading

* Give freely your most valuable gift of unconditional love*

Welcome to the festive season with Words that Shine. This Christmas, through the window of Words that Shine, I offer you the valuable gift of unconditional love. When  friendships or relationships or families focus on knowing that the level of … Continue reading

If you could make a silhouette of your life what shape would it be?

Welcome to Words that Shine – this week I pose a question – a question which I hope will raise your curiosity and intrigue to have a fun look at your life’s shape. If you could make a silhouette of … Continue reading