Your best puzzle yet.

Here is an amazing puzzle that takes a life time of experience to complete. A warning before you study this puzzle, it will be different for each of you. If you are ready to indulge your senses in the puzzle’s mysteries read on and … Continue reading

Is our exterior a true representation of ourself?

Welcome to Words that Shine. What exterior do we show the outside world – Lets have a look at this magnificent Thorny Devil. The Thorny Devil lives in the harsh Australian desert and faces its challenges with amazing attributes. It can change … Continue reading

* Give freely your most valuable gift of unconditional love*

Welcome to the festive season with Words that Shine. This Christmas, through the window of Words that Shine, I offer you the valuable gift of unconditional love. When  friendships or relationships or families focus on knowing that the level of … Continue reading

*Having the waterfall commitment brings a powerful energy to our being*

Welcome to the waterfall commitment from Words that Shine This week’s fabulous phrase is – *Having the waterfall commitment brings a powerful energy to our being* What sort of phrase is this I hear you utter. Read on and you … Continue reading

Determination, Faith, and a willingness to learn equals exhilaration!!!!!! adventure caving!!

Hi everyone, Welcome to this week’s blog. Determination, faith and willingness to learn Determination alone will not bring success but when combined with faith and the willingness to learn,  we will succeed. I say  this with the  understanding that determination … Continue reading

Love and Support

Here is a short verse to help bring understanding, depth, harmony and purpose to our life’s journey. . Love and Support I promise to love and support you and know that Your fierce determination Will bring out the best in you and those … Continue reading