Your core insight will bring your goals to reality

Welcome to the Christmas season with Words that Shine a special time of giving and receiving. The Words that Shine Christmas experience encapsulates the beauty of nature’s teachings. Both thought provoking and uplifting, once again given to me on my early … Continue reading

Our Luminescence glows brightest in the dark times.

Welcome to a great week with Words that Shine From the Etymology Dictionary Luminescence is the evolution of light that does not depend on the temperature of the substance concerned. Luminescence – 1884, from Latin lumen (genitive luminis) “light” see luninous + escence luminous … Continue reading

*Make your dream your reality*

Hello wonderful – yes you – wonderfully passionate you. If you weren’t that way you wouldn’t be reading this today. Welcome to another fantastic week that’s full of challenges to solve. 🙂 🙂 Words that Shine Experience. 🙂 🙂 Last … Continue reading

* Give freely your most valuable gift of unconditional love*

Welcome to the festive season with Words that Shine. This Christmas, through the window of Words that Shine, I offer you the valuable gift of unconditional love. When  friendships or relationships or families focus on knowing that the level of … Continue reading