Our paths intertwine to create specific interactions for life’s purpose.

Welcome to Words that Shine’s web of life Did I say the web of life? Yes I did. So what does a web of life look like? Am I simply talking about the internet web? Does it look like a … Continue reading

Controls: love them, hate them, negotiate them, live them.

Hello beautiful person, yes I mean you, you look fabulous today, ah stop there, no negative thoughts. Look in the mirror, smile and see the world smile back. 🙂  Remember making decisions as kids using the hand game of Rock-Paper-Scissors. … Continue reading

*We hold each others heart in our hands*

Hello friends of Words that Shine and welcome to this awesome week. How well do you treat your family, friends, colleagues and acquaintances? The responsibility of your own behaviour in ALL Relationships starts with you and ends with you. ——————————————————————– We hold … Continue reading

*The Surroundings of our paths shape our journey.*

Hello to another spectacular week and may Words that Shine help shape the path to your goals. This week’s phrase to ponder is ‘The surroundings of our paths shape our Journey’. Next time you are out for a walk take … Continue reading