Bumps in the road

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What are bumps in the road? They are road safety humps created to slow down traffic. They have a two fold effect, the safety of  the vehicle with its occupants and the safety of those nearby.

We often refer to challenges in life as bumps in the road, but I am suggesting we take a look at them from a totally different angle. This week I want to focus on the strange notion that we are the bump on the road.  Yes it is a bit left field but lets consider what I mean?

Firstly take a look at these two photos of a slightly different style of speed hump at Tannum Sands in Queensland. A light hearted lift to a serious problem for the Giant Australian Turtle and I must admit it caught my attention.

*note – you can click on the photos to enlarge them, then use back arrow to return*

Circumstances of life can impact so heavily we feel we are the bump in the road being driven over and hit with everything that life can think of. How do we get up from that?  Maybe it is not the questions or the answers but the process of what has been, what is and what will be.

Hold on to the good and your strengths will emerge to create something special.

I encourage you through the Words that Shine Experience to hold on to the good and create those special moments. They may be of laughter and frivolity, romance, a touch, a smile, a trip, a dinner, friendship, a phone call or email. Whatever it is do it now and make someone’s day a better day.

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