Building a strong foundation

Foundations provide a solid base giving stability to many things from buildings to concepts and beliefs.  Foundation members of a club or organisation create amazing flow on opportunities. Then there are foundation principles we live by. How strong are your foundations?

My nature example this month looks at the mighty tree’s root structure. The tree has to withstand all elements from the earth’s cyclical rotation of continual change.  The many species of trees have a variety of root systems depending on the chosen site of growth, whether rocky ground, wet swampy ground, sandy soil or dry gravel.

We can learn a lot from these amazing root structures. Some trees have one big long tap root that reaches down to source water giving much strength with other roots widely spread for stability. Do you have a strong tap root for your source of nourishment?

Other trees may have very shallow roots that catch the moisture dripped off the leaves. However these trees in very wet and windy conditions will not be strong enough to stand such forces. What foundations do you have for stability?

My question this month is how strong is your foundation? When life throws you a curve ball that undermines your roots, what strategies do you have in place to hold yourself high? What is your choice of site? Is it solid? I am talking physical, conceptual and spiritual. When you are hit hard emotionally how do re-establish your equilibrium?

What is your belief system? Maybe a fresh look at all areas of your life to find those that don’t serve you well. Be open minded and send out your root system to test, add or discard what is not suitable. Do not to hide behind same old same old. Step out and try something new, have the adventure you deserve and lift your being up another level.

The Words that Shine essential oil this month is developed from a strong conceptual foundation.  By introducing a variety of concepts sourced from nature’s teachings, I hope you can add strength to your own wonderful foundations.

Living life with passion

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Building a strong foundation — 6 Comments

  1. Thank you Jenny with yet another great lesson from nature and how spirit speaks through nature.
    Iove your generous attitude and your complete resolve to help others even at sacrifice to yourself. Your words are true and golden and so shine brilliantly. You have a gift that you use to give through rather than trying to take through. Yes we are like trees. And just as martial arts drew strength from nature and animals – so do you.
    So no wonder your stronger and higher and brighter than ever before.
    Keep it up and only God knows what you will become.

    • Great comments Terry thank you for your encouraging words. I am so glad you related to this topic. Sometimes nature needs to hit hard before we finally get the message, a lesson I am only just learning.

  2. Yes foundations are a wonderful thing. I’m in the process of repairing mine due to many things that have contributed to their damage. Some directly attributed to me others completely beyond my control. At the moment my foundations would withstand maybe a garden shed or similar building. My goal is to be a multi story building. Keep up the inspirational words you make people think about themselves and cherish what they have and have had life’s too short not to get things sorted out. Cross your t,s dot your I,s take one day as it comes tomorrow may be a better day and if it’s not make the most of it Tony

  3. Bless you Jenny!
    Yes foundation is a beaut word and feeling. I immediately thought of my parents and how stable strong and healthy they are. Sobriety is a big word these days and I am so fortunate to have that in my family’s foundation. Its a miracle.
    Then I thought of my spirituality which anchors me terrifically with my tap root down into the earths core and extends up into the cosmos to connect mother and father omnipotent powers.
    This make me feel supported. Hallelujia! Be well my dear and continue your miraculous expression.

    • Thank you Sim for sharing your fabulous foundations. It certainly gives great comfort when your foundations ground you with that sense of belonging.
      Love Jenny

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