*Bogged down in life? Then focus on the squelch*

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What a great week it has been, yes even the challenges.

If you are bogged down in life then focus on the squelch because that means you are moving.

Ever felt you are trudging through life? Do you feel bogged down? Sometimes I do but I have realised
that it is all to do with where I focus my thoughts.

For example – If we are time poor and feel too busy to get everything done – well guess what – we are absolutely right! We won’t get everything done because our thoughts have programmed us that way.

The question is how busy do we really want to be? When we are NOT busy we still find things to do.
Why? We often want to feel busy to feel needed and even create busy, just to be busy because the
thought pattern wants us to be busy.  Hence getting bogged down in day to day busyness.


From bogged to squelch to reward

I had a dream to experience the waters of  Australia’s famous Lake Eyre. Lake Eyre being inland is usually a dry salt pan and is only woken from her slumbers when the waters of distant flooding rains finally make their way to her womb.  My dream was to -: 1) See Lake Eyre from the air.  2) See Lake Eyre from the ground.  3) Walk in the waters of Lake Eyre

From the top of a small sand dune I got my first glimpse of this magnificent splendour – Lake Eyre – I could feel a surge of excitement, so amazingly awesome – Wow, this it!. this is really it!

It was hard to estimate the exact distance to the waters edge but we thought it was about one kilometre. We could see the deep footprints buried in the mud of those who had gone before. It is easy to become disorientated out on the lake because of little contrast between sky and lake and very few land marks back on shore.We headed off on our walk, a muddy boggy trudge – focussing on each heavy step – lift step sink squelch, lift step sink squelch. It was hard going but when we lifted our heads to see where we were heading and where we had come from it was so so worth it. Yes Yes Yes

Challenge for the week –

Are you bogged?  Where are you bogged? Why are you bogged? What can you do about it?

Firstly – Look up, then look forward, then look back, and look forward again!

Secondly – Lift step sink and squelch, lift step squelch, lift step and lift…. and be rewarded

Enjoy another squelching experience from Words that Shine

Living life with passion


(C) Jenny Horn 2013 all rights reserved.


*Bogged down in life? Then focus on the squelch* — 2 Comments

  1. Hello Graeme,
    Great comment, Yes nature is a great teacher and acceptance of situations is paramount in the ability to look up and beyond. Lake Eyre certainly has bucket list criteria.
    love Jenny

  2. i have seen frozen water for miles and miles and when i was bogged it was either in a unseen crevasse or powder snow, neither was welcomed, but that is nature so it was accepted. Lake Eyre is on the bucket list.

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