– Be in your own rainbow.

Welcome to the lights from Words that Shine.

Be in your own rainbow, a full spectrum of colour in all you do. Your moods, your abilities, your attitudes, your sincerity, your integrity, your purpose, your honesty and YOURSELF.

When life is good it is easy to be the rainbow but when life lets you down and people just   aren’t as they seem and you struggle with spirit and you struggle with self and you struggle with just …. life, your rainbow seems so far away. You chase and chase it and it is so allusive and you want to give up. But it is then and only then that you reach inside yourself and find you have your rainbow – it  has been with you all the time.


I dedicate these rainbows to all the great and not so great things that have happened in my  life and give thanks to life’s teachings as I endeavour to honour the full spectrum of colour  in my rainbow.

Enjoy your words that shine experience



(C) Jenny Horn JLH 2012 all rights reserved

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