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Welcome and enjoy your sensory walk with Words that Shine.

  • I am righting a xpession of interest with a intended purpose of annoying you lot sufficeitntly.
  • What is this all about? …. bad spelling, bad grammar
  • Have I got your attention?

  • Good! then let us proceed.

Life revolves around being exact or absolute and varied or relative. Situations and circumstances dictate a necessary state of performance whether it is absolute or relative. Our performance is directly determined by our own subjective sense of what is absolute and what is relative.

In other words does everything have to be absolutely perfect or can there be some leeway – Sometimes our own personalities get in the way of assessing this question in an objective way. Just to get you thinking I have listed below some different professions and social occasions.

Decide for yourselves what areas need to demonstrate absolute exactness and also give thought to the areas that can be varied and relative.

  • Surgeon – precision and steady hands
  • Builder – consolidating strong foundations
  • Accountant – figures
  • Fitter and Turner – 100 thousandth of a millimetre
  • Editor – Words- grammar and spelling
  • Florist – Flower arrangements
  • Author – facts and fiction
  • Artist – portraits or caricature 
  • Dentist 
  • Lawyer  
  • Chiropractor
  • Sporting events
  • Wedding – from the point of view of the bride, the guests, the caterers
  • A picnic

When I am creating this blog, although I make every effort not to make errors in my grammar and spelling, sometimes I still do. This is usually because I am concentrating on getting the bigger picture across to you.

How does relative and absolute impact on your Words that Shine experience?

The answer to this depends entirely on you as the reader.

  • You may decide to focus on the minute errors and be absolute about it.
  • You may look at it relatively and focus on the meaning of the bigger picture.
  •  The choice is yours and either way I praise your decision.

To illustrate absolute and relative within nature’s environs I have included this incredible Lyrebird courtship display. We were very privileged to see this young male Lyrebird  practising his courtship display. A display full of vibrant energy that reflects both the absolute of effort and relativity of honour that it brings.

  • This young Lyrebird was practising his courtship display and I think the female will not notice if  it is not perfect as long as it is vibrant and full of honour.

    A young male Lyrebird practising his courtship display, vibrant and full of honour.
    Lyrebird displaying at Banksia Point picnic area, New England NP, nr Ebor NSW


Words that Shine encourages everyone to think about the times when absolute and relative are important and when they can be interchanged to give a broader understanding and tolerance to our lives.

Living life with passion


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  1. Hi Jenny,
    this is true, so true, however there are some of us who’s client demands both, hence the challenge. Everytime time we reread we find another typo…it can become frustrating, but when it is reviewed and comes back with no red marks, whow!
    It is very easy to find mistakes in someone else doc, they just stand out like.. you know the rest.

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