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 I am Jenny Horn writer of verse, poetry and short stories.  Through the unique blend of life experiences, spiritual beliefs and vibrant energy I have developed a wonderful way to inspire and enhance relationships.  

My greeting cards are a holistic experience connecting our body, mind and soul with our surroundings.

 Although I have always had the gift of writing it wasn’t always this way. So how did this writing develop?  

Growing up on a dairy farm gave me a close awareness of nature.  The farm was near the little country town of Boolarra in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. The Strzelecki Ranges are a beautiful region of native bush and farm land with rich red soil and lush green rolling hills.

 A child’s imagination and sense of surrounding energy is a wonderful thing and I was no exception. In our garden on the farm was a small bush – I think it was a ‘Broom’ with yellow flowers. Underneath the bush grew lots of moss and this was my fairy garden. I also had an imaginary family of 7 and no one was allowed in the car until they were all aboard.   (yes, you might laugh – and I do believe I was challenging but fun for my family).

 I have been writing on and off since I was nine years old. I remember during those early years two short stories I did for school. One was called the ‘The Astonished Children’ and another one was about a blade of grass being cut with a lawn mower.  I would also write to my relatives extended thank you notes for their Christmas and Birthday presents.

 My teenage years were full with the love of my life – my horse, a 15hh pinto mare. I would ride her through the bushlands soaking up nature’s energy.  I was educated at Boolarra Primary School and Mirboo North Secondary School.

At the age of 18 I headed to Frankston in Melbourne to begin my career as a Dental Assistant. It is this career over the last 36 years that has helped shape my natural compassion and empathy with people.  Through caring and guiding I have helped many patients overcome their anxiety of dental procedures.

After raising 2 wonderful children and helping my parents in their later years, it was time to explore this great country. For the last 6 years my husband and I travelled and worked around Australia.  We have now settled in the beautiful picturesque area of Port Macquarie NSW.

 Australia is such a vast and beautiful place our lives are so much richer for the experience. I feel a strong connection between land and soul and the verses flow. David, a great supporter of my writing, framed one of my earlier poems and it travels with us.

Relationship Recipe

Mix openness of touch and affection
Blend quality time, often spontaneous, sometimes planned
Add shared responsibilities, trust, forgiveness, support and respect
Top with constant communication, understanding and commitment to personal growth
Sprinkle with laughter
Wrap in spiritual and physical love

© 04/12/2004 Jenny Horn JLH

 We have been inspired by many beautiful people on our travels and I also extend my hand of encouragement through the art of connection, Words that Shine.

The photos and verses are all our own original work and copyright applies. Our graphic design and commercial printing of the cards are all sourced in Australia.

We are proudly  Australian. 

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