*A gift acknowledged is a gift shared*

 Earlier this week I was sitting in the car listening to an uplifting inspirational voice message from a friend and suddenly I heard a tapping on my window. I watched in wonder at the antics of 2 blue wrens in their courting ritual. I found myself deep in thought of so many things.

The male wren puffed himself at the car’s mirror, then balanced himself in a supreme position on top of the mirror as his jenny wren lady friend came poised.

A lesson to be learnt I thought

I had earlier been challenged by a miscommunication and once again nature’s teachings came to the fore.

I realised that it does no good to beat yourself up in the mirror because you are just looking at self, but instead use it to reflect on another point of view. By this I mean to really see and feel what it is like to be in another person’s position which gives you an amazing sense of humility. It is then with fine balance  you can move above the obstacle to greater understanding and acknowledgement.

The gift of life is so precious.

Life is a gift
Free to use
Or abuse 

So what is free?
Freedom we say
Life is but a gift!!!

And is it really free?
Yes free it is
But it comes at a price

For some it is damn hard work
While others seem to sail through

But one thing is for sure
Life is not done
Until i
t is paid in full 

(C) Jenny Horn JLH 06/09/2012

We are all given the gift of life and it is up to us to use it.

The Words that Shine Experience is my gift to you.

love Jenny

(C) Jenny Horn JLH 2012 All rights reserved

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