Jenny has developed a distinctly unique style of writing. Her vibrant energy acknowledges the spiritual relationship of our being. She combines verse and photography that also showcases the natural Australian beauty. This brings a precious quality of connection and enjoyment. 

Through Words that Shine Jenny invites you to explore your thoughts and emotions as you read and experience her monthly inspirational posts.  There is also the opportunity to purchase Jenny’s premium greeting cards so you can create your own special message.

Words that Shine – How to get the most out of Jenny’s inspirational work.

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 Jenny’s Amazing Cards

Presenting Premium Quality
Greeting Cards for all occasions
To inspire and enhance relationships
A range of stunning magnificent natural Australian scenes that are positively breathtaking.
For all different occasions
Love, Hope, A Special You, Harmony, Sympathy, Life’s Journey, Picture Perfect, Nature’s Paint Palette, Nature’s Sculpture, Thank You, Birthdays, And More…

  • Jenny invites you to explore and enjoy the Words that Shine experience.

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  • Check out Jenny’s exciting monthly Inspirational Posts
  • Select your topic of interest from Your Favourite Post upper right of this page.
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  1. Hi Jen!
    I have enjoyed looking through your website and it looks really fun and a great way to connect with other people. Keep up the hard work you’re doing, and never give up 🙂

    xxx Jo.

    • Hi Jo

      Thank you so much for your wonderful feedback – You are exactly right about connecting with people especially as I love creating these uplifting messages for people to enjoy in their busy lives. So you see the pleasure goes both ways.

      love Jenny

  2. I wanted to write to you to say something on the effect of your cards.
    These cards, through their shimmering words and pictures illuminate the deeper relationship between our inner self and our people world.  Instinctively bringing depth and meaning and success to your life. 
    Use them and enjoy the results as I do.
    Terry Power

  3. Hello
    Thank you so much for listening and making the ten cards available in the special two x five pack package.
    I just ordered them and looking forward to receiving them. I dont know how you keep the postage and handling so low in cost but that is just great. So much better than driving to the shops for cards- wasting petrol time and stress and family time.
    It will be so good to have the cards ready in my draw for the next event that pops up.
    I also really appreciate having the ability to pay through paypal- because paypal have a $20,000 automatic insurance. So I know without any doubt my money and credit card details are 100% safe being transfered to you by them over the net.
    You have a terrific service as well as the best of the best cards.
    Terry Power

  4. I would like to say that these cards are just perfect. I bought a pack of five and so when an event comes around I always have a beautiful card that I can use that is just right for the occasion. So now I don’t have to go mad rushing to the card shop newsagency etc to hunt for a nice card – (who has the time to do that these days?) Because now they are in my drawer- saving me literally hours each time I need a good card (because to find the right card takes so long let alone getting there and back). Your cards are inspiring and unique and I know that the person has not been given one like it before. They are a work of art that the receiver loves to keep. They can be used and adapted to all occasions. And when once I was stuck for the right words to make is special- I even emailed Jenny (as she is a writer and poet) and she helped me out with the right words to show my sentiments- it was right on and stimulated the perfect response :). Only thing I am surprised how often events come around needing a good card. So is there a way I can order a ten pack this time? Could you please make available a pack of ten just like you do for a pack of five.
    Thank you thank you again- cause I hate hunting for cards and coming away knowing I have settled for a so so card that the receiver has seen before because they also have to go card hunting too. Wasting my time and stressing myself in the process. I feel confident- I have the cards ready to go. 🙂
    Please let me know as you add cards to your wonderful selection. However I understand that doing a work of art like these cards does not happen easily. I also appreciate the many many many miles/kilometers you have had to travel to take the picture for these cards yourself. That you don’t just download an image and sell it- that you find the shot yourself and you take it in the right way. What you are doing works. SO remember – ten pack? perhaps making it even more price advantageous than just ordering two five packs?:)
    Terry Power
    ps if you wanted to use any of what I have written – I am more than happy for you to do that because I am more than happy with what you have given me through your service.

    • Hello Terry,
      Thank you for your great feedback on my cards. It is rewarding to see that the cards are touching people’s lives in a positive and encouraging way.
      Yes I will take on board the option of having packs of 10. I am also in the creative phase of new and inspiring cards and will be adding to the collection once I have the website fully operational.
      Soon to be released will be a free ebook dealing with some of the common frustrations of buying cards like you described. This book will be available upon subscription to the website.
      As I am currently building this website please keep coming back to check on its development and feel free to comment again.
      Thank you again
      Regards Jenny

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